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Moral of the story – stress makes you eat. And here is an image of science proving it.

Our advice? Before you even consider a calorie restricted diet of any sort, learn how to manage your stress. In our experience the most stressed people (or rather, the people who tell themselves they are more stressed) are usually the ones who carry the most extra weight.

We all have shit going on. If you ever catch yourself saying “well it’s easy for them to stay skinny because ___” then slap yourself. You never know what someone has been through, or what they may be going through at the time. Worry about yourself, and worry about what YOU can do to make life more manageable.

Stress management is completely different for everyone and you have to find what works for you. However – two things you should do right away is

A. Change your mindset. Stop complaining about the small crap like a long line at the chemist. Life is bloody beautiful and way too short. Embrace every single moment and be thankful that you have money in your bank account that allows you to purchase whatever you have in your hands in that lineup.

B. EXERCISE! Exercise. Exercise. Never ever ever give up your exercise.

The rest is up to you on how to manage your stress. Find your niche, and stick to it.