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Do you suffer from food amnesia?

It happens, we are human- we are definitely not trying to scold you, we just want to help you become more aware. Like let’s be honest, how tempting is it to lick the peanut butter spoon?! ?

But even for the “best” trackers who are glued to their food diary, my fitness pal and calorie counting every day – have food amnesia. WE ALL DO.

This image is to show you how fast it can and will add up. Will you gain weight this way? Probably not, but you’re also not going to shed the lingering 5-10kg you’ve been fighting with for the past 3 years.

The lower your weight, the harder it is to lose, and the more accurate and honest you have to be. Yes you may have to weigh out your broccoli and log the celery sticks you’ve munched on. There is NO free food and absolutely EVERYTHING counts!!

The moment you turn up the dial on discipline a litttttllleee bit more, the results will show.

Be conscious of your BLT’s (bites licks and tastes)!!!