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?There are 156 Friday nights, Saturday and Sundays in a year. ?There are 10 long weekends in a year. ?A total of 166 days, or 35% of your year

Yes, we’ve mentioned it before, but it’s that important that we feel we need to mention it again. Coming off school holidays here in WA, we get the old “I was unprepared, it was school holidays”. Our response- how long have you known school holidays were coming? Doesn’t matter anyways, because this will switch to “but it’s the weekend and I need to relax”. With Christmas coming up soon, it’s the same old ball game.

You don’t need food to relax. Full stop. If that’s how you relax, find a new habit. An insulin spike and surge of trans fats is not relaxing for mind OR body. If your weekends are so precious for relaxation, try to focus on a good nights sleep, some gentle exercise, healthy foods and relaxation techniques. Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from a sugar overload is not relaxing. Spending Sunday feeling guilty and saying “ok, I start tomorrow” is not relaxing.

Look, we’re not saying don’t have a life. We all have social things, we all have the need to escape home life for a night. If you have no weight to lose, have your treats! With no weight to lose, you already know what moderation looks like.

What we are saying is that IF you are on a weight loss journey, you have to decide if it means enough to you to sacrifice a few things. This is your health at risk. Stop falling into the cycle, into the trap of your own excuses. It’s the weekend? Great, that’s your time to practice moderation, discipline and control. That’s your time to teach yourself how to resist temptation.

“It’s the weekend.” Change your perspective. “Time to catch up on sleep and nourish my body with lots of love and proper nutrition.” Don’t even think about weight loss. Think about what’s going to serve you to feel AMAZING day in, day out. That’s what counts. You’d be surprised what the scale will show you when you make that attitude adjustment. tag