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Bounce balls vs. kit Kat. Same amount of calories and one is really not that much more nutritious than the other. But isn’t it funny how one has a “healthy” connotation and the other is known as “junk food”?

The bounce ball. If someone has weight to lose, the chances of a ball filling them up is very unlikely. If you swap this ball for an apple, almonds & Greek yogurt (same calories), that is going to last you WAY longer than the ball. Yes the ball is convenient, but you are far more likely to A. Grab another high calorie snack or B. Overeat your next meal. Best advice? PREPARE ahead of time and focus on real food that isn’t so calorie dense.

The person eating the Kit Kat is still eating the same amount of calories as the bounce ball. But that’s not where it ends. The Kit Kat comes with guilt, shame and regret. The Kit Kat will often lead to “screw this, I’m going to eat everything in the pantry so it’s out of the house and I can start fresh on Monday”. Now we’re not saying don’t eat Kit Kat- what we’re saying is if you have a “good food bad food” mindset and are shaming certain foods, you’re going to set yourself up for disaster when you do indulge. It will not stop at just the Kit Kat.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, with a “good food bad food” mindset, you can eat half a box of “healthy” granola and wonder why you’re not losing weight. Awareness!!!! If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you know how to use the Google machine if you are confused! ?“Calories in one cup of -insert brand- granola”?

Back to the Kit Kat- If a Kit Kat is your emotional companion because “you’ve had a bad day”, that is NOT a good reason to be drowning yourself in chocolate. That is a disordered relationship with food. That is a complete lack of self discipline. That is a habit that will NEVER end unless you take the reins on it and STOP. You have to be AWARE with what you’re doing and take responsibility!

Two different foods, two very different connotations. Zero awareness, zero discipline, zero results. Practice moderation and preparation- take initiative with your health. Don’t wait to be spoon fed because it’s never going to happen! ✨?