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Mmmhmmmm. First of all, we know it’s never “just one”. Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

You’re trying your best to diet but that salad you had for lunch hasn’t done anything to fill you up. You didn’t eat all morning in hopes of shaving off those extra calories. 1pm rolls around and your blood sugar is at a total low.

Now, have you ever seen a diabetic who needs a shot of insulin? When they’re low, they start to look faint and foggy and sometimes they can even pass out. Thank your body that you don’t need artificial insulin because you produce your own.

Now because you produce your own insulin, your body starts going into panic mode, feeling the same way that diabetic feels – foggy and faint. So what do you need? SUGAR! Your biology kicks in. Our ancestors never new when they were going to eat again so their survival instinct kicked in and they couldn’t stop eating.

This is you. This is your blood sugar crashing like a diabetic. This is your body being starved and screaming at you for more calories, more sugar. Here begins a SPIKE of insulin, followed by another crash. By nighttime, you’ve likely had the equivalent calories of 10 lamingtons thanks to your body’s starvation response.

Solution? Eat more during the day. Eat whole, non processed foods. Limit your sugar. Avoid ADDED sugar at all costs. Load up on vegetables and lean proteins. Nobody ever got fat from eating too much zucchini.

Also keep in mind that even if you start eating more, you’ve likely created a habit of snacking on junk in the afternoon. You have to be disciplined and STOP. This habit has absolutely ZERO benefit to you. If you want a “treat”, save it for a moment of relaxation with your loved ones where you can truly appreciate the taste of food, and acknowledge your best efforts in maintaining your health. Enjoy it slowly and mindfully. ?

Now if that’s not enough to deter you, if you eat 500 calories of mindless, unallocated “treats” per day, 5 days a week (not 7…. 5 days) ….. this will require TEN 30 minute high intensity training sessions per week to burn off. To put it in perspective, most of our clients do 3 sessions per week. Think about that! Is it worth it?