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Alright, if you haven’t heard it enough from us already- let’s talk weekends. This is typically the highest margin of error for most of our clients. Understandably, we are human- we are social beings and nowadays, social events are associated with food and drink.

However, if weight loss is your goal, you have to be extra careful on the weekends. Especially if you find yourself using the following kind of phrases “I’ve been so good, I deserve a day off” or “I’ll start again Monday”.

Even if you eat low calorie all week long but blow out on the weekends, you’re still going to gain weight. These numbers are based on a very active woman as well (by the way- the EXACT same thing goes for men, the numbers will typically just be a bit higher).

The most frustrating part is MENTALLY, because we are eating so clean for more than half the week, we get frustrated as to why the scale won’t budge. Mentally, we feel defeated. We feel stressed. We feel lost. THIS is the exact moment people give up and fall off the wagon.

If you have weight to lose but the scale isn’t budging, perhaps it’s time to look at your diet with a bit more critical evaluation. Our recommendation? Get a food diary and write down EVERY single thing you put in your mouth. This includes picking, munching and the fruity mentos at the doctors office. Total up all the calories at the end of the week- you may be surprised!

Stay in CONTROL! You are the only one with the power to stay focused during the weekends. It’s up to you, and only you. Make a decision. Stick to your guns. As soon as you’re confident that you’re in control, treat yourself in moderation ?