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We get it- working out can feel like such a hassle when you’ve got kids, a partner, a full time job, people to feed, dogs to walk and SO much more.

For some people, the only time you can squeeze in your BMB workout is when the moon is still visible at 6am (and on that note… summer can’t come soon enough!) But realistically, it can be so daunting to roll out of your comfy warm bed to basically torture yourself for 30 minutes even though you know how much better you will feel for it! Here are a few tips that we’ve picked up from clients over the last 10 years specifically for the hard worker who only has 30 minutes before everyone else is awake to get to the gym.

Put your gym clothes right next to your bed so you don’t have to go searching for them when you’re delirious and still trying to figure out why you do this to yourself. The simpler you make your morning process, the easier it is to execute.

Put your alarm or phone on the other side of the room so you are forced to get out of your bed to turn it off. The temptation to go back to bed is limited when you’re already out and feeling uncomfortable.

In the winter time, set your heater on a timer so that it’s not freezing cold when you wake up. The sound of the heater also reminds you that it’s time to get up shortly!

Remind yourself what you are looking forward to when you wake up super early – for some it’s a warm cup of coffee, for others it’s seeing their doggy wag their tail and greeting them with a big fat grin first thing (personal experience from all of your trainers speaking ☺ )

Expose yourself to light right away (but not your phone!) – open up your curtains right away in the summer and let the light shine in! Sunshine has an incredibly positive impact on our morning cortisol (stress) levels. In the winter, when we don’t have that luxury, you can always look into purchasing “Wake Up Lights” – very common in countries that aren’t lucky to have as much sunshine as we do. Otherwise, just turn on the bedside lamp with a soft coloured lamp shade.
Do you have any other things you do in the morning that help you stay consistent with your early gym routine? Let us know on social media, we’d love to share them with others!