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The Intensive is a 6 week program focused on improving your lifestyle which in turn will help you look and feel better.

This is not a ‘challenge’! We don’t believe in challenging you to see if you are able to over exercise and crash diet using a cookie cutter, low calorie, unsustainable meal plan in order to win a prize – only to revert back to bad habits once the program is over. We want you to actually learn something.

There is no winner at the end and losing weight is not the only objective. The only person who wins at the end of the program is YOU because YOU have improved your lifestyle (or at least you have identified areas that need improvement) and YOU have become a healthier and more confident version of YOU.


The Intensive Is For Anyone Who Is:

  • Wanting to improve their lifestyle
  • Needing education on HOW to improve their lifestyle
  • Wanting to lose weight
  • Wanting to improve their overall health and well being
  • Wanting a kick-start
  • Needing to be held accountable
  • Needing guidance, support and motivation


The program is designed to hold you accountable to improving your lifestyle.

Each day you will answer Yes or No to a series of questions that we believe are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will also enter your weight each day so that we can get an average of your weight. This is all recorded simply on our app. If you don’t have access to a scale every day that’s ok, just enter it on the days that you come to BMB.

At the start of each week we will release an educational video that will address topics that we believe are important to helping you achieve your goals.

These topics include things like weight loss and management, breaking bad habits and forming better ones, how to properly set goals, how to stop mindless eating, food, diet and weight loss education, how to maintain your weight loss once it is achieved, how to improve your sleep and more.


The program works because we are simply holding you accountable to improving your lifestyle.

We believe that it helps when you are held accountable to someone other than yourself to achieving your goals.

We will be monitoring you every step of the way. We have instant access to your questionnaire / weight log to make sure you are filling it in everyday. We also have instant access to your BMB Bites account to make sure you have prepared your week’s meals and snacks in advance.

We know that if you eat better, sleep better and exercise regularly, you are guaranteed to see results. This is what the program is designed to help you with that and we will provide you with the tools to do it.

The goals that you set for yourself are individual in nature, however we KNOW it helps to have the support of not just us, but others who are going through the same challenges as you. This is why we have also set up a Facebook group so that you know you’re not alone in your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.

At the end of the program we will provide you with an individualised report on how you did with each of the 8 lifestyle factors. This will identify areas in your lifestyle that you have got under control and areas that need work. Because you can participate in as many intensives as you wish, you will have the opportunity to improve on those factors each time you do an intensive


1. Unlimited BMB sessions for 6 weeks.

This will allow you to step up your game for 6 weeks. Although your sessions are unlimited, we don’t advise more than an extra 2-3 sessions ontop of what you are currently doing.

2. Trainers holding you accountable.

We will be monitoring your recording on our app throughout the 6 weeks to make sure that you are on track to completing the program in it’s entirety

3. You will gain free access to BMB Bites.

This app will not only provide you with a customised meal plan, it will also ensure your macronutrients are balanced as well as provide you with a complete shopping list to make life easy.

4. Weekly educational videos.

Each week you will have access to a new video addressing a different topic (as mentioned above). These videos are delivered by us trainers as well as Kim Maserow (psych). Knowledge is power.

5. Powerful Resources

You will have access to a range of PDF resources that provide you with all the tips and hacks you need to lose weight and improve your lifestyle.

6. Group meetings at the beginning of the program and half way through

The meetings will provide you with extra motivation / clarity and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

7. Access to the Intensive Facebook group.

The support, encouragement tips and hacks from your fellow BMBers who are going through the same challenges as you will help you stay on track.

8. Summary Report.

We will provide you with a personalised report at the end of the program, detailing how you went with each of the lifestyle factors. A trainer will be taking you through this report through a 10-15 minute screenshot video so you are crystal clear on what areas of your lifestyle needs improving and how to go about improving them. If you have already done an intensive before, we will compare your results to your last one, indicating improvements or regressions.

The way the program was structured and the way the education elements were delivered really helped me on my way to achieving my goal of losing 8kg’s

Tali – lost 4.5kg’s and improved exercise consistency

The 6 Week intensive was the kick start I needed to get my diet and exercise back on track. I loved how the program held me accountable. Answering the questions at the end of each day really made me think about my lifestyle habits

Mish – Lost 5.1kg’s and significantly reduced alcohol intake

This program wasn’t only about losing weight! It teaches you long lasting lifestyle changes that help you maintain a healthy physical and mental body and mind. It motivates you to push yourself out of your comfort zone to change habits and routine to ensure your lifestyle positively impacts your mental and physical health

Noa – lost 6.6kg’s and reduced mindless snacking

The report provided to me at the end of the 6 weeks was incredibly eye opening. I didn’t realise that I only prepare my meals 57% of the time and I only walk an average of 4533 steps each day. It has given me a clear path to where and how I need to improve

Leah – Lost 5.2kg’s and improved her water intake and sleep habits