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Jacqui “Mad-Jax” Cremer


I have gone from a chubby person which I have always been all my life to my goal weight of 56kg’s (a loss of 17 kg’s). I did this following a meal plan provided to me by the Body MBrace team, as well never missing a gym session. What I love most about BMB is the people. Everyone is so supportive and their egos are left at the door. I think this comes from the culture set by the trainers. I have made life long friends at the gym and that is something I never expected would happen. Another thing that I love is the fact that every time I come for a session, I am pushed to my capacity. Their heart rate monitoring system helps to keep me motivated and on track. Since joining BMB I have run a 12km, a half marathon, and a MARATHON! And it’s all thanks to BMB because I could have never done it on my own