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Alana O’Neill


Banana provides us with another “how did you manage that?!” story that puts to rest a common excuse we often hear… “I can’t take care of myself because of my job, my young kids and hubby”. Banana has two beautiful little girls, with Isla, the most recent addition, arriving just over a year ago. 👶🏻💗
You may know Banana’s hubby Andy aka “Daddy” (that’s what happens when you leave Seth in charge of nicknames). Andy often instructs BMB classes with us but when he’s not cracking the whip, Andy frequently goes overseas and travels quite a bit for work. Andy was away for the first little bit of Banana’s 8 week challenge and then had to self isolate for two weeks when he came back 😣.
Regardless of the chaos, Banana still managed to stick to her BMB at Home workouts and transform her body at the same time. Natasha Rabe was her coach, keeping her accountable through the process. Although, truth is, Banana might have been the easiest client ever. Being intuitive with your body’s signals is a big part of the program and this chicky is a smart cookie- she knew exactly what to do and never complained once.
We are so proud of you Banana! This isn’t just weight loss- it’s literally total body recomposition!!! Absolutely incredible transformation!! You are such an amazing young woman and we love having you, Andy and the girls in our BMB family ❤️