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Raising money for Breast Cancer Care WA


1,000 calorie challenge for Breast Cancer Care WA!

WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN – the BMB 1,000 calorie challenge is back!

With so many of our wonderful BMB members being personally affected by breast cancer, we can’t think of a better way of showing true community spirit than getting behind Breast Cancer Care WA, a wonderful WA charity providing support to our members. BMB needs you to help us make this event AMAZING!

On Sunday 16th May 2021, we need 150 of our members to sweat through a 1,000 calorie workout (in 2 hours!) at the Morley studio. Registrations are OPEN NOW…so to secure your spot, kindly pay the $100 registration fee and reserve you spot! We want to raise the BRA this year!!!

Helping Breast Cancer Care WA, 1000 calories at a time ❤

A message from the BCCWA Founder,

Ros Worthington


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